Incorporeal Insurrection

by Renouncer

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released January 9, 2012



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Renouncer Kansas City, Missouri

Christraping Hardcore. Est. 2010.

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Track Name: Idol Hands and Idle Minds
A child's hands grasping
at your idol's throat
Idle minds imitating what I despise the most

I am unleashed in this realm
And you exist to die
This idols hands, the instrument of man's demise

I have drank of His blood
And tasted of His flesh
I spit it back in His face, I spit back the lies

Pig, Sheep, Human kind
They all bleed the same
God kills indiscriminately, and so shall we
Track Name: Deceiver of All
Mortal Flock, Flee This Place
For You Are Not Safe
I Have Tasted Of Your Flesh
And Your Faith I Decimate
Destester Of The World
No Greater Lie Has Ever Been Told
Only Arrogance Such As His
Would Dare Be So Fucking Bold
Inhale Deception
Down Into Your Hollow Shell
Drown The Flock To Control The Sound
For I Am The One They Spoke Of
The One Who Men Would Kill
I Cast You Down And Outward
Straight Into Fucking Hell
God Is Not Here My Child
His Ears Deaf To Your Cries
Only I The Devil Remain
Destroyer Of His Holy Lies
Track Name: The Brink
On the brink of the end
Human kind drenched in sin
I have seen means to and end
A perilous world, I cannot withstand
Mock the cross, consume all you can
Idolize, his will be done
Slaves shall serve, and serve you shall
Speak not of evil, for this is Hell
Relish in this world you have made
On the brink of complete decay
Of this filth, I am free
From this flesh, born anew
Replenished with what holds true
I must remain unscathed by this world
I stand pure and beyond it all
I dredge on into the flame,
Into the void that man has made
I have seen the end of all
I will witness your God's fall
I have seen the end of all
I run, I watch you rot
No salvation, No reprisal
Stand forth on the brink of your demise